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New LJ

akashamay Check me there!


Here's a question for you: Is it shallow to want to be physically attracted to your partner? I was just dubbed shallow for wanting this, so what do you think??

The Bows!

Aren't they pretty? I think she sprayed perfume on them too, because they smell nice!! -^^-
My Lolita pen pal from Croatia sent me a letter 2 weeks ago and it FINALLY arrived. I was worried it got lost!! but it's here now, YAY! She made 2 bows for me... These are my first Lolita items and when I get my camera back I will show you all! :D

On my last post...

I have Anorexia and sometimes I let it get a hold of me. Sorry for people I scared. I just needed to vent, I DID eat more, so don't worry about me.
Written at 12:48 PM     Sometimes, I just don't know why I try. Recovery sucks. I want to be thin again. I miss weighing 105lbs and want to be smaller than ever. I would love to be 94lbs feeling tiny and thin. But I'm not I'm 126lbs of fucking fat. I hate myself. I'm disgusted by my body. I just ate ice cream and I want to throw it all up. and then some. I've eaten 412 calories today and burned 542 from exercise. I hate that. I shouldn't eat ice cream or drink Mountain Dew. I shouldn't eat at all or drink anything but water! I'm too fat. I hate me...

Of Updates and Apples

So the guy I had a date with canceled and said he wanted to be "just friends", most of my old friends (including that guy) think I'm a whore, and I've deleted said old friends from my networking sites and created a new AIM. *whew* That's a lot of drama in under one week! Oh well, all is well now! I have a honeycrisp apple!! Has anyone else heard of them? They are sweet and oh-so fabulous!!! :D


Poll #1273003 What should I wear??
This poll is closed.

What should I wear for my date on Wednesday??

Army-patterned shirt and matching skirt with black boots.
Girly denim & pink lace skirt with a tank top or graphic tee and sneakers.
Jeans and a tee-shirt with high-heeled work boots.

So there's this boy, right??

*SQUEE!!* He's cute and funny, nice and best of all- He's coming over for a DATE on Wednesday!!! *SQUEE!!!*

Okay, BREATH. Anyways, I need to figure out what I'm wearing. No, not Lolita! Even if I had the clothing, we might go on a hike to the reservoir in my town and I wouldn't want to ruin anything! I need cute hiker-girl clothes!! I'll think of options and post a poll for you all.

Later, mah loves...
Today I saw my beautiful baby cousin Gianna and I will be spending a few hours at her house tomorrow too. I love that little girl so very very much!!!

Also, I contacted a girl named Klara over at lolitaletters and she is writing me a letter this week. I can't wait to get it in the mail. :)